15 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing 2022

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Are you seeking for the finest WordPress block themes for complete site customization? Or maybe you’re wondering what block themes are. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a new feature in the WordPress core that allows you to build an entire site out of blocks. To use this functionality, you must have WordPress 5.9 or later and a WordPress block theme.


As a result, WordPress block themes for full site editing are themes that are entirely constructed using blocks. This comprises the global components, such as the header and footer.


Because block themes are fresh to everyone, deciding on the perfect one might be tough. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress full site editing themes accessible in 2022. That will be a huge assistance in getting your website up and running.


So, without further ado, let’s get started!



What exactly are WordPress Block Themes for Complete Site Editing?

WordPress FSE Benefits & Features

2022’s 15 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing

1. Twenty-Twenty-Two-Four-Four-Four-F

2. Aino’s

3. Tove’s

4th. Bai

5th. Brickly

Sixth. Blockbase

7th. Jace

8th. Ona

9th. Elyn

ten. Alara

Mebae (11th)

FSE Responsive 12

Emulsion 13

Clove 14

Rick is fifteen.


What exactly are WordPress Block Themes for Complete Site Editing?

Before we get started, we want you to grasp WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) and WordPress block themes. So, let us have a look at what they are.


WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) is a new set of functions introduced in WordPress 5.9. The first is a sophisticated site editor that enables you to change any area of your website immediately. This comprises the blog, archives, 404 page, header, and footer, among other things. As a result, it’s also known as on-site editing.


The next step is to use blocks to completely create webpages. Gutenberg blocks will be used to create almost everything: pages, articles, templates, archives, header, footer, menu, sidebars, and so on. You’ll discover a ‘Navigation’ block, for example, to construct your site’s navigation menu.


Front-end WordPress Full Site Editor Screen

Another key aspect of Full Site Editing is the WordPress block theme. It’s a completely block-based theme made using block-based templates. As a result, a block theme is required to fully experience the potential of WordPress’s new Full Site Editing.


As a result, WordPress block themes are new sorts of WordPress themes designed for Full Site Editing.


WordPress FSE Benefits & Features

Here are a few of the most important features and benefits of WordPress full site editing themes:


Improve speed since the ability to change the whole website is built into the WordPress core.

More stylistic choices, such as colours, font, and layout. As a result, you may create numerous distinct sites using the same theme.

Even if you’re a novice, you can quickly modify any template of a block theme to design your site.

To summarise, WordPress block themes provide users with more flexibility and customization possibilities straight from the user interface. As a result, non-coder users may create personalised website designs without needing to employ coders!


With that stated, let’s take a look at the greatest block themes available.


However, since the FSE is a relatively new function, there aren’t many themes available just now. Even those that are accessible are primarily experimental. So, let’s have a look at the greatest of the various themes here.


2022’s 15 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing

On the plus side, the number of WordPress block themes is growing by the day. More WordPress businesses and individuals are contributing themes to the official theme directory.


So, while selecting the ideal one, there are a few factors to bear in mind. Check out our post on how to pick a WordPress theme for more information.


Now, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress FSE themes for you to consider in 2022.


1. Twenty-Twenty-Two-Four-Four-Four-F

Default WordPress Block Theme Twenty Twenty-Two

The default WordPress block theme that comes with WordPress 5.9 is Twenty Twenty-Two. It’s the official WordPress FSE theme, designed by WordPress core developers to operate with the most recent full-site editing standards.


This means you may alter the colours, font, and layout of your site to suit your needs. And all of this is possible inside the editor.


It also includes a plethora of block patterns, templates, and template pieces. As a result, you may use them to create any form of website, such as a blog, portfolio, single page, or company site.


Key Characteristics:

The site is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

This basic and lightweight theme is simple to tweak and utilise.

There are many templates included, such as home, single post, page, archive, search, 404 page, and so forth.

It is made up of template pieces that may be used to personalise the header and footer. You may also design your own template component.

There are block designs for adding parts to a site that fall into categories such as featured, gallery, button, and so on. It also has full-page block designs.


It’s a fully free theme that you can get from WordPress.org. Furthermore, it is a default theme in the WordPress core. So, if you install and set up a new site with WordPress 5.9 or later, you won’t even need to download anything.


Get Twenty-Twenty-Two Right Now!

2. Aino’s

FSE Aino WordPress Block Theme

Aino is now one of the most popular block themes. It’s a freemium theme with flexible and creative page layouts that make use of a responsive grid and grid item blocks. Furthermore, with its extensive block settings, you can create a website that looks great on every screen.


It also works in conjunction with its Aino Blocks plugin. So, by utilising this plugin, you have a variety of block patterns to assist you in quickly creating complicated page layouts. Furthermore, you can easily embed the block patterns on your website with a single click.


Key Characteristics:

Designed for a magazine website. As a result, you may use it to develop websites such as an online store, personal blog, portfolio, and so on.

Grid, batch, testimonial, card, flexbox, sticker, icon button, divider, author, and more Aino blocks are available.

The block patterns allow you to create distinct sections for your website. For example, hero, team, contact, question, banner, portfolio, and so on.

You can use the free and paid versions for an unlimited number of websites.

There are templates for an archive, a search, a page, a post with or without a featured picture, a post with comments, and so on.


As a freemium theme, there are both free and premium versions of Aino. As is customary, you can get the free version of Aino from WordPress.org. It includes basic patterns and blocks to get you started.


It should be noted that the Aino Blocks plugin is required for the majority of the functionality to function. So, remember to install and activate the plugin.


When it comes to the premium edition, there are two price options. You may also get it from its original website. The plans are as follows:


Grow costs $59 per year and includes premium blocks and patterns.

Sell: For $129 a year, you will get premium eCommerce blocks and patterns.

Get Aino Right Now!

3. Tove’s

Tove is a WordPress theme that allows for full site editing.

Tove is a bright, lively, and creative WordPress full site editing theme. It’s mostly intended for restaurant and coffee shop websites. However, since it is a versatile theme, you may simply change it to meet your requirements.


This theme includes 40+ block patterns, 6 header designs, and 7 footer designs. It offers block patterns in the following categories: blog, hero, general, header, footer, and so on.


Furthermore, there are block patterns in the restaurant category. It features patterns like as a location data block, a large button for reservations, restaurant menus, a call to action for reserving a table, operating hours information, and so on.


Key Characteristics:

Theme is lightweight, with a file size of slightly over 200KB.

There is no JavaScript, so it is as basic and minimal as possible.

Templates for the 404 page, archive, single post, page, page without a title, and so on are included.

Capable of adding custom block styles to any default WordPress block.

You may use global styles to modify the colour of the theme, edit the font, adjust the spacing, and so on.


Tove is a completely free WordPress FSE theme and template. So you may test it out right now by getting it from WordPress.org.


Get Tove right now!

4th. Bai

Best WordPress Block Themes for FSE Bai

Seed Webs’ Bai is another another free WordPress block theme. The nicest feature is that it has a dark mode option. This attracts people to your one-of-a-kind website, which has both light and dark settings.


Its general style of block templates is well suited for blog sites. This is due to the fact that it features layouts that are properly designed to highlight the blog content. As a result, you may organise the blogs into categories such as the most recent postings.


Key Characteristics:

Responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Color and font style choices are provided for every component of a site. Tables, buttons, quotations, lists, photos, and so forth.

It has the following template components: header, footer, content, intro, and content-single.

Option for previous/next pagination that works nicely for your blog entries.


Bai is also a free WordPress theme that allows for complete site modification. With a single click, you may download it from WordPress.org.


Get Bai Right Now!

5th. Brickly

WordPress Block Theme Bricksy

Bricksy is a contemporary WordPress theme with block-based designs that is available for free. It includes current design components and layouts that you can use to effortlessly construct complex sections on your website.


It provides block designs that you can simply use into your website. You can also easily alter the patterns with the complete site editing capability. As a consequence, you can create layouts with only a few mouse clicks.


Key Characteristics:

Lightweight and fast enough to load your website’s pages rapidly.

Follows the most recent WordPress standards to provide optimal readability on any screen size.

It’s an easy-to-use theme. This is due to the easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Allows for connection with WooCommerce to create an eCommerce shop.

Full-page block designs are included for producing pages on travel, weddings, cuisine, and fashion.


Anariel Design created this theme, which is free to use. If you wish to use this theme, you can simply get it from WordPress.org’s theme repository.


Get Bricksy Right Now!

Sixth. Blockbase

WordPress FSE Theme Blockbase

Looking for a basic WordPress theme that allows for complete site editing? If you answered yes, then check out Blockbase.


Blockbase is a WordPress full-site editing theme that includes a number of simple layouts. It’s a theme created by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, which is run by Matt Mullenweg. As a global theme, it may be used with both FSE features and the standard WordPress customizer.


When utilising the templates, you may also completely modify the layout of the posts/pages. And this is with the usage of its components, which include the blocks. You may also insert and change block patterns to design portions of your site based on your needs.


Key Characteristics:

Template pieces for the header, footer, and articles on different design layouts are included. For example, centred, minimal, broad, and so on for the header template component.

A new Blockbase block pattern category with 8 footer patterns is available.

The ability to alter templates using global styles.

Provides a variety of additional kid themes. Such as geologist, zoologist, and so on.

Supports RTL (right to left), various languages, and is ready for translation.


You guessed it. Blockbase is a free WordPress block theme that you can get from the WordPress theme repository.


Get Blockbase Right Now!

7th. Jace

FSE Jace WordPress Block Theme

Jace is a WordPress block theme in black and gold that is best suited for blogging sites. It has several unique designs, such as a combination of circular pictures and triangular forms with vertical lettering. So, if you enjoy a dark theme website, it’s a perfect option for you to construct your own.


When it comes to the footer design, it has a search feature that enables you to search anything on your website. There’s also a scroll-to-top arrow button for quickly getting to the top of a website. However, you may add a footer without these capabilities by using an option in the template elements.


Key Characteristics:

A hamburger menu is available for every screen size, including desktop devices.

It includes a template for creating a page that presents the most recent entries in the same category.

Contains a variety of block patterns in the categories of featured, button, text, and so on.

There are header choices such as full-width or split headers with highlighted images.

A responsive theme with templates that employ clean typography and aesthetics.


Do you want to utilise this fantastic and unique WordPress FSE theme? Then, go to WordPress.org and get it for free.


Get Jace right now!

8th. Ona

Best WordPress Block Themes – Ona

Ona is one of the greatest WordPress block themes, featuring layouts that are both clean and gorgeous. It is divided into three predetermined template categories: minimal, primary, and creative. As a result, you may begin building your site from the template design you choose or desire for your business.


Furthermore, this theme is ideal for websites that need to load quickly. As a result, you may develop quick optimised webpages that you and your guests will like.


Key Characteristics:

Each template includes the pages required for a website. This covers 404 pages, about, contact, and so forth.

It includes block patterns for the footer, header, form, posts, pages, and general.

Provides an easy and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for rapidly creating a site.

Header template components such as centered-logo, transparent, and default.

It is best suited for travel, lifestyle, story, and fashion blogs.


Deothemes’ Ona theme is available for free download on WordPress.org.


You may upgrade to a pro version for greater support and updates. The pro edition has three price options:


Personal: Purchase the Ona theme for $49 for a single website. You’ll also get a year of premium support and updates.

Agency: For $99, it includes all of its themes for usage on an infinite number of sites.

Lifetime: For $249, you receive all of its themes, as well as lifetime support and upgrades. It also provides priority assistance.

Get on with it!

9th. Elyn

Elyn – Best FSE WordPress Theme

Elyn is a sleek and eye-catching WordPress block theme with a basic but attractive design. It is ideally suited for creating blog sites as well as restaurants and coffee shops.


As a complete site editing theme, though, you receive global style choices. With this, you can quickly alter the whole site to seem as if it were a completely new site for any kind of company.


Key Characteristics:

There are two full-page block designs included for the home and about pages.

Choose whether to show the blog articles in grid or centred format.

Hero, recent posts, call to action, and more complex layouts are available.

Beautiful pagination choices with circle numbering that are ideal for a variety of uses

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