13 Best WordPress Banner Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Best WordPress Banner Plugins-2022

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Do you want to find the top WordPress banner plugins? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct spot to locate the best WordPress banner plugin for your website.

As a WordPress website owner, you are undoubtedly aware that banners may help any website. Banners allow you to tell clients about new promotions or changes in your business. You might also provide coupons or other promos.


To entice clients, for example, you might put a winter sale banner to your website. Set these banners up on specified pages and articles, and make them sticky in the relevant area of the website. The greatest thing is that you can do all of this with simple WordPress banner plugins.


As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress banner plugins for 2022 in this post. So, let’s get this party started.



Why Is a WordPress Banner Plugin Necessary for Your Website?

How Do I Select the Best WordPress Banner Plugins?

The Top 13 WordPress Banner Plugins for 2022

1. Advanced Advertisements

2. the bulletin

3. Basic Banner

4. Plugin Ads Pro

5. Advertisement Inserter

6. Banner at Random

7. AdvertiseRotate

8th. HashBar

9. WordPress Notification Bars

Green Box for WordPress 10

TrustPulse is number eleven.

WooCommerce Carousel Slider with Banner

13 Yes, Cookie


Why Is a WordPress Banner Plugin Necessary for Your Website?

A promotional banner, special offer banner, or product launch banner may increase the conversion rate of your website.


Some of the reasons why you need WordPress banner plugins for your website are listed below.


Increasing conversion rate: Banners are visually appealing and will capture the attention of your visitors. More people will convert as more people participate. As a result, banners may help you increase your sales.

Additionally, employing a WordPress banner plugin gives versatile functionality for adding a banner to your website. Most of them provide a plethora of pre-built banner layouts, as well as modification possibilities such as altering colours, fonts, and so on.

Creating a banner: You may utilise banner plugins to build a banner that matches the brand of your website. You may also manage many adverts and show them on the website.

You’ll discover a plethora of banner plugins in WordPress that will allow you to effortlessly add banners to your website. Choosing a plugin may therefore be a difficult task!


But don’t be concerned! We’ve chosen the finest WordPress banner plugins for you! Choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Let’s have a look at them!


How Do I Select the Best WordPress Banner Plugins?

Before you continue through the list, there are a few things you should think about while selecting a WordPress banner plugin.


Simple to use: First and foremost, examine if your selected plugin will enable you to effortlessly build a banner. It’s critical that you can simply create and display your banner on specified pages or articles.

Customization: The next item to consider is whether or not you will be able to modify your banner. For example, you may change the colours, fonts, photos, and so on.

Mobile-friendly: Always ensure that the plugin you use will assist you in creating mobile-friendly banners for your website. This will allow your banner to appear on a variety of platforms, including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

Ratings and reviews: Finally, be sure that the plugin you choose has a higher rating. It also has a lot of great feedback from its users.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list of the top WordPress banner plugins for 2022.


The Top 13 WordPress Banner Plugins for 2022

1. Advanced Advertisements


Advanced Ads is a WordPress ad manager that also functions as an AdSense plugin. It is compatible with all ad formats and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon advertisements, and media.net.ads. You’ll also get access to an infinite number of Google AdSense ad banners.


You may also build and show an infinite number of ad units, schedule advertising, and define time and expiry dates for your commercials. Ads and banners from all ad and affiliate networks may also be included. You may also choose whether to show or conceal banners in the post feed.


Key Characteristics:

It enables the display of images and image banners.

Shortcodes inside advertising may be be used to distribute adverts from another ad plugin, such as WP Bannerize.

Display your ad banners in individual posts, pages, and other post kinds with ease.

Display or conceal a banner using a device such as a mobile, desktop, or tablet.


This is a freemium plugin that may be downloaded from WordPress.org. You can also acquire the pro version from its official website in three different price schemes.


Advanced Ads Pro costs €49 and includes a year of support and upgrades.

Single Site: €89, including one year of support and upgrades.

5 Sites: €129, including one year of maintenance and upgrades.

Get Advanced Ads Right Now!

2. the bulletin

WordPress Announcement & Notification Plugin Bulletin

Bulletin is the most simple and powerful WordPress announcement and notice banner plugin. With this plugin, you may show bulletins on particular pages of your website using a sophisticated placement option. Additionally, the basic Bulletin plugin allows you to add an infinite number of bulletins.


Furthermore, it is loaded with strong options that allow you to modify the banner to your liking. A call to action button containing a link, for example, causes a JS (JavaScript) event. You may use this plugin to create an eye-catching banner to show promotions, adverts, and other content.


Key Characteristics:

You may include a live countdown and the option to make the bulletin expire.

Furthermore, you may have the messages on banners cycle or run in a marquee manner.

It’s a simple plugin that enables you to display announcements, banners, and special offers on your website.

You may change the icons and Google fonts, as well as add several texts to a single banner.


This plugin is available from the WordPress.org official repository. Its premium edition is also accessible on the company’s official website. It is available in three different buying options:


$19 for one person

In addition: $39

$129 for Infinite

Get Bulletin Right Now!

3. Basic Banner

WordPress Plugin for Simple Banners

Simple Banner is a WordPress plugin that allows you to show a banner with advertisements or promotions on your website. This plugin is simple to install and use, making it ideal for novices.


The greatest thing is that it comes with a slew of customising possibilities. You may, for example, change the colours of the links, messages, and banner background. You can quickly show your discount ad or crucial notification at the top of your website by using this plugin.


Key Characteristics:

To personalise your banner, you may use custom CSS.

You may also hide the banner with a simple click.

It also enables you to modify the font size of your banner text.

It also has a nice preview window for seeing changes before saving.


The Simple Banner is a free WordPress plugin that can be found in the official plugin directory on WordPress.org.


Get Simple Banner Right Now!

4. Plugin Ads Pro

WordPress Ads Pro Plugin for Banner Ads

Ads Pro is a multi-purpose advertising management plugin for WordPress. This plugin makes it simple to manage, sell, and display advertising space. The greatest aspect is that this plugin is completely free of Adblockers.


Furthermore, it has significant capabilities such as advertisements before and after content. You may use this functionality to display adverts on banners before or after content in all posts or pages. Ads may be hidden for logged-in users or specified page IDs.


Key Characteristics:

It includes over 20 different methods to display your advertisements, such as single ads, random ads, ads in a grid, slider, and so on.

Shortcodes may be used to show your adverts.

You’ll get access to over 25 pre-made ad templates.

You may also insert advertising in any format, including text, photos, video, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

You may also control when the adverts appear and disappear.


This is a premium WordPress banner plugin that costs $57 and comes with 6 months of support from CodeCanyon.net. For an additional $19.50, you can receive an additional 12 months of assistance.


Get the Ads Pro Plugin Right Now!

5. Advertisement Inserter

WordPress Ad Inserter Banner Plugin

Ad Inserter is an ad management plugin with several ad positioning possibilities. It also includes a code generator for banners and placeholders. You will have the option of blocking any particular adverts on the website.


You may quickly show your ad on your website as a floating slide-in banner. You may use animations such as fade, slide, turn, flip, or zoom to customise how your ad appears.


Key Characteristics:

Sticky adverts with an optional close button may be added.

Ads may be easily added before or after a post, content, paragraph, picture, and so on.

You may place the ad banner above or below the header.

It also supports several ad networks such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, rotating banners, and so on.


The features listed above are available in both free and premium editions. The free version is available from the WordPress.org official source. Additionally, you may get the pro version from its official website, which is offered in four payment plans:


€20 for individuals

€30 for a freelancer

€50 for business.

€100 for corporations

Get Ad Inserter Right Now!

6. Banner at Random

WordPress Banner Ad Plugin with Random Banner

Random Banner is a WordPress plugin that allows users to display picture banners with a great degree of freedom. This plugin supports a variety of banner formats and kinds, including image, SWF, and script ads.


You may also classify banners and use them in various articles and pages on your website. You can also use shortcodes or widgets to place the banner anywhere on your website.


Key Characteristics:

A popup may be used to display banner adverts.

It enables you to include a custom banner title in the widget title.

Also, depending on the quantity of banners submitted on the settings page, show banners at random.

Add a link to each picture and SWF banner.

Additionally, classify the adverts under “Add New Category.”


It’s a free-to-use plugin. The free version is available through the WordPress.org official directory. You can also acquire the pro version from its official website for $39 per year or $99 for life.


Get a Random Banner Right Now!

7. AdvertiseRotate

Banner Rotator AdRotate Banner Plugin for WordPress

AdRotate is one of the finest WordPress plugins for properly managing your adverts and banners. It’s simple to use and comes with two sample banners to get you started.


This plugin enables you to continually update your advertising through push alerts and email. Along with this, AdRotate provides numerous professional features such as the ability to place your ad campaigns wherever on your website. You may also quickly create ad groups in the grid, column, or row format.


Key Characteristics:

You may also choose a folder in which to save your banner pictures.

This plugin is ready for translation and may be used in your local language.

You may provide your sponsors the ability to control and develop their own advertisements.

You’ll be alerted when your advertisements expire, have mistakes, or new advertisements are added.


AdRotate is a freemium plugin; the free version may be found in the WordPress.org official repository. Furthermore, you may get its premium version from its official website, which is available in four payment plans:


A single licence costs €39 for a single site.

Duo License costs €49 for two site licences.

Multi-Licensing: €99 for five site licences.

Developer License costs €199.

Get AdRotate Right Now!

8th. HashBar

WordPress HashBar Banner Plugin

HashBar is another another simple plugin that can be used to create your preferred bespoke banners. The plugin provides an infinite number of alerts as well as a responsive banner that fits all screen widths.


This plugin is designed to work with page builders like as Gutenberg, WPBakery, King Composer, and Elementor. You may also simply change the banners by altering the text, background, colours, and so forth.


Key Characteristics:

If you utilise old editors, you can develop shortcodes.

Sticky headers are supported by the plugin.

It also lets you set alerts to vanish after a certain date or time.

You’ll have a uniform banner design across all devices.


HashBar is a free plugin available from the official plugin repository on WordPress.org. However, if you want to take use of the premium services, you may do so via the company’s official website. To do so, you must buy the premium version, which is offered in three different price options.


Personal: $59 for a single website (one-time purchase) and $29 each year.

Developer: $239 (one-time cost) for 5 websites, plus $89 each year.

Agency: $399 for limitless websites (one-time fee) and $149 each year.

Get HashBar Right Now!

9. WordPress Notification Bars

WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

WP Notification Bars is a WordPress notification and alert bar plugin that is small in size. This plugin is great for marketing campaigns, notifications, and a multitude of other applications. It also offers an endless number of colour possibilities for customising your notification banner.


Furthermore, it has a plethora of features, such as the addition of a CTA (call-to-action) button. You may also construct entirely customised notification bars. You may also display your notification bar on select sites or posts.


Key Characteristics:

This plugin enables you to add an infinite number of notification bars to your website.

It’s also responsive, which means it works on all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

You may also change the font size of your notification text.

Furthermore, this plugin is ready for translation and may be translated into your local language.


This is a freemium plugin, and the free version may be found on WordPress.org. You can also acquire the pro version from its official website for $19, which includes a year of upgrades and support.


WP Notification Bar is now available!

Green Box for WordPress 10

WordPress gree Box Banner Plugin

Green Box for WordPress enables you to manage and sell banner advertisements on your WordPress website. You may sell the banners to advertisers directly and accept payments with PayPal or Stripe.


You may also enable your visitors to upload banners and buy slots for a certain length of time. Advertisers may also preview banners on their website before releasing them.


Key Characteristics:

This plugin has 8 pre-set banner sizes.

For every file, you may gather information on banner impressions and clicks for any time period.

This plugin is also suitable for multisite installation.

Any advertisement or advertising form may be easily embedded into a third-party site.


Green Box for WordPress is a premium plugin that costs $21 and comes with 6 months of support from CodeCanyon.net. You may also pay an additional $6 to prolong your support for a full year.

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