13 Best Beaver Builder Addons & Extension Plugins for 2021

Best Beaver Builder Addons & Extension Plugins -2022

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Are you looking for the best Beaver Builder extension plugins and addons for WordPress? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Beaver Builder is one of the most advanced WordPress page builders. However, you may wish for more features and flexibility in the Beaver Builder editor. This is where Beaver Builder’s add-ons and extension plugins come in.


The primary benefit of add-ons and extension plugins is that they enhance the functionality of the standard Beaver Builder. As a result, you can create powerful and visually appealing landing pages.


We’ve compiled a list of the best Beaver Builder addons and extension plugins for WordPress in this article. Simply browse through them and choose the one that best meets your needs. Let’s get this party started!



Consider the following factors when selecting Beaver Builder addons and extension plugins:

13 Best Beaver Builder Extension Plugins & Add-ons for 2021

1. Beaver Builder Deluxe

2. Beaver Builder’s Ultimate Addons

3. Beaver Builder PowerPack Lite

four. Beaver Themer

5. Beaver Builder Livemesh Addons

Ninja Beaver Beaver Builder Add-ons

7. The dashboard Beaver Builder’s Welcome

Beaver Builder’s Header and Footer

9. Page Builder & Theme Fullwidth Templates

WooPack Beaver Addons 10

Beaver Builder Cards 11

12. Beaver Pods Themer Add-On

Beaver Header Banner Plugin, Version 13


Consider the following factors when selecting Beaver Builder addons and extension plugins:

Before proceeding with the list, a few considerations should be made. Here are some key points to consider:


Beginner-Friendly: Look for a plugin with a clear and simple user interface.

Variety of Elements: Determine whether or not the addon includes the modules required to create the layout you desire for your site.

Speed: It should load pages, images, and content faster to improve your site’s performance.

Styling Options: It is preferable to use add-ons and extension plugins that provide distinct styling options that are consistent with the site’s flow.

Early user feedback and ratings highlight the plugin’s functionality and effectiveness.

Now, let’s look at the top Beaver Builder add-ons and extension plugins for 2021.


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13 Best Beaver Builder Extension Plugins & Add-ons for 2021

We’ve compiled a list of the best Beaver Builder add-ons and extension plugins that are free, freemium, or premium. You can examine the description, features, and pricing rate to determine which one is best for you.


1. Beaver Builder Deluxe

Premium Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Premium is a more advanced version of Beaver Builder that includes additional features. The premium edition includes a plethora of modules as well as prebuilt templates and rows. It can essentially save layouts for later use or export.


You can also select from 100 pre-built rows. They are further classified into ten popular categories, such as call to action, lead generation, and testimonials. Simply drag a row into position, adjust the content and colours, and you’re done.


Key Characteristics:

There are 29 modules divided into six groups: Basic, Media, Actions, Layout, Info, and Posts.

There are 30 landing page templates and 25 content page templates included.

WordPress widgets are included, allowing you to place widgets anywhere in your layout.

You have a lot of control over how they look and behave because they have a lot of layout and design options.

You can even change the animation and appearance of each module separately.


Beaver Builder Premium is available for the following prices:


$99 per year is the standard.

$199 per year as a pro.

Agency fees are $399 per year.

Get Beaver Builder Premium Right Away!

2. Beaver Builder’s Ultimate Addons

Beaver Builder’s Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Beaver Builder Addons is without a doubt one of the most popular Beaver Builder addons. On the WordPress.org directory, it has over 30000 active instals and 250 five-star ratings.


The plugin adheres to the most recent WordPress development guidelines. Furthermore, its modules are SEO-friendly and load quickly.


It has more than 60 powerful modules, 200+ section templates, 100+ page layouts, and other features. These allow for the quick creation of WordPress sites through the use of dragging and dropping.


Key Characteristics:

For effective lead generation, it provides a visually appealing ribbon that can be adjusted to show headers and titles.

It includes an image separator for inserting relevant and visually appealing images between rows.

Uses an info table and an info list to display content in an organised and meaningful manner.

For adding content to the front and back of the box, a slide box and a flip box are included.

Call-to-action buttons that are stylish and trendy for successful lead generation.


Ultimate Addons is available for free. However, for an additional $55 per year, you can get it.


Get Ultimate Addons Right Away!

3. Beaver Builder PowerPack Lite

Beaver Builder Powerpack Lite

PowerPack Lite is a free Beaver Builder addon and extension plugin that is performance-optimized. Beaver Builder now has custom options, modules, and templates. It is also appropriate for people of all skill levels because it does not require any coding experience.


Furthermore, it includes 50+ unique modules and 350+ design elements to assist you in creating a fantastic website. They significantly reduce the time and effort required to build a website. It is, in fact, as potent as its name suggests.


Key Characteristics:

It includes 35+ drag-and-drop design elements, sections, row templates, and page templates to help you build your site faster.

Call-to-action buttons, a pop-up builder, a banner creator, and numerous other lead generation modules are included.

It has a divider for separating modules and rows with line, icon, and picture separators.

A spacer can be used to manage extra spacing between elements.

Row gradient background and separators are available for visually appealing and spectacular layouts.


You can obtain it for free.


Get PowerPack Lite Right Now!

four. Beaver Themer

Theme for Beaver Builder

Beaver Themer is a Beaver Builder page builder extension created by the Beaver team. It fills the void between your WordPress theme and page builder-based pages. It enables you to design layouts for blog post archives, WooCommerce store pages, search pages, 404 pages, and more.


You can use this extension to change the appearance of each post in a list or grid. Without a doubt, it produces stunning layouts and elevates Beaver Builder to new heights. In a nutshell, it enables you to be creative with every aspect of your WordPress site.


Key Characteristics:

You can make a template that can be used for multiple posts, items, or custom post types.

It gives you the ability to create layouts for pages and posts both inside and outside of the content area.

Field connections are included to allow for the quick import of data from custom fields.

Provides a comprehensive template system that can be used as needed. One header, for example, could be used for blog articles and another for special post categories.

Create and place partial layouts such as headers and footers, as well as announcement bars, on all or some of your site’s pages with ease.


Beaver Themer is available for $147 per year for unlimited sites.


Get Beaver Themer Right Now!

5. Beaver Builder Livemesh Addons

Beaver Builder Addons – Livemesh Addons

Livemesh Addons is a freemium Beaver Builder add-on plugin that adds a slew of new features. It’s an easy-to-use add-on plugin. The drag and drop interface allows you to easily customise the font size, colour, and other elements.


Furthermore, almost every element in this plugin has a dark version. You can quickly adjust widget styles to display on dark or image backgrounds. It’s essentially a collection of the most popular page elements for creating beautiful websites.


Key Characteristics:

Include pie charts, bar charts, client lists, testimonials, post grids, and more with ease.

Provides post blocks, image sliders, and other essential modules.

Choose from dozens of tab layouts, including responsive tabs that work on all devices and resolutions.

The FAQ element can be used to display a list of frequently asked questions on the page.

Most Beaver add-on elements have over 40 animations to choose from.


The standard version is free. A premium version is available for the following prices:


For one site, the annual fee is $39 USD.

For up to 25 sites, the annual fee is $99 USD.

Get Livemesh Addons Right Away!

Ninja Beaver Beaver Builder Add-ons

Beaver Builder Ninja Beaver Addon

Ninja Beaver is a collection of Beaver Builder extensions that are simple, professional-looking, and highly effective. It is extremely responsive and works with any theme that the user selects. Furthermore, it is completely compatible with WordPress multisite networks.


The standard edition contains 40 modules, whereas the premium edition contains 65 or more modules. They are simple to use because the elements are simply dragged and dropped. This enables you to create professional websites without knowing how to code.


Key Characteristics:

Provides over 150 row templates that can be easily selected and built.

Choose from a library of 46+ professional and expert-created page templates.

Provides a lovely info box for collecting and displaying a plethora of data about its subject.

To make it a dual button, add a pair of decorative buttons attached to each other.

It has an advanced call to action button that encourages users to do what you want them to do.


You can obtain it for free. However, the pro-version is available for the following prices:


$45/year for a standard licence

Annual Agency License: $59

Lifetime License: $199 for a lifetime licence.

Get Ninja Beaver Right Now!

7. The dashboard Beaver Builder’s Welcome

Dashboard Beaver Builder’s Welcome

Dashboard Welcome is a free Beaver Builder add-on plugin that enhances the dashboard’s welcome login screen for various user roles. This can also be done with very little technical knowledge.


It’s simple to use this plugin: create a beautiful layout, then assign user roles to who can access it. This allows you to provide a personalised experience to the users you choose. It will help and inspire you to manage your page builder-based content and design without distractions.


Furthermore, it is extremely useful for web designers who create websites for clients. When you log into the WordPress backend, it helps them provide a more personalised experience.


Key Characteristics:

A beginner-friendly plugin that is easy to use and configure.

On your layout, you can include a headline, contact information, a form, a video, photographs, affiliate links, and so on.

Set any post-related guidelines, such as word counts, image sizes, and other post-related requirements, in order to organise and publish the posts.

It is compatible with multiple sites. As a result, you can use templates from any of the network sites with Beaver Builder.

Include information about the product, discounts, delivery options, sales figures, and much more.


It is available for free.


Obtain the Dashboard Now you’re here!

Beaver Builder’s Header and Footer

Beaver Builder’s Header and Footer

Beaver Builder Header Footer is a free alternative to purchasing the premium Beaver Themer. Beaver Builder is used to create visually appealing headers and footers. In addition, the headers and footers can be placed anywhere on the site.


This plugin adds a configuration option to your page builder’s configuration page. You can then use Beaver Builder templates as your site’s header or footer. It also has a five-star rating and over 10,000 active instals.


Key Characteristics:

You can completely customise your header and footer to meet the needs of your website.

Compatible with a variety of WordPress themes, including Beaver Builder, Astra, and Primer.

Make your own content or templates and easily insert them into your site’s header or footer.

There are many different types of headers available, including translucent, sticky, shrink, and more.

It’s very simple and easy to use, and it doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge.


It is available for free.


Get Header Footer Right Now!

9. Page Builder & Theme Fullwidth Templates

Beaver Builder Fullwidth Templates

Fullwidth Templates is a straightforward, free Beaver Builder extension plugin that does not require any coding knowledge. The header, footer, sidebar, comments, and title are all removed, leaving you with a blank canvas. This is ideal for landing pages where you need complete layout control.


Fullwidth, as the name implies, creates full-width layouts with page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, and others. It includes blank website templates that are easily customizable. You can also get no-sidebar templates to use on your site.


Key Characteristics:

It stretches the layout to its full width to provide you with a full-width page.

Removes all unnecessary features to give you complete control over your layout.

When using a page builder, you can easily adjust the excess margin and padding that gets in the way.

In a matter of seconds, you can drastically alter the appearance of your existing page.

Provides three basic options for your pages and articles. Simply choose one and you should be fine.


It is completely free.


Get Fullwidth Templates Right Away!

ten. WooPack Beaver Addons

Beaver Woopack Addons

WooPack Beaver Addons is a premium plugin that incorporates the power of Beaver Builder into your WooCommerce store. It’s a collection of the most powerful modules, each with a unique layout and set of modifications. You can quickly and easily create beautiful, user-friendly web stores.


This plugin has been designed with performance in mind. It solves your design problems while not bloating your WooCommerce site. Furthermore, fully responsive layouts can be created in less time than ever before.


Key Characteristics:

You can create easy-to-implement call-to-action buttons.

There are a variety of carousel layouts available for related and prominent products.

The product grid has four layouts, including filtering effects, a parallax grid, pagination, and a description box.

Provides a single product module with four different styles for displaying products anywhere on your Beaver Builder site.

It includes a product category module with numerous styling options.


WooPack Beaver Addons are available for the following prices:


$59 per year

$199 for a lifetime licence

Get Woopack Beaver Addons Right Away!

Beaver Builder Playing Cards

Beaver Builder Cards

Cards for Beaver Builder is a free add-on plugin that generates customizable content containers known as cards. This method of displaying content boxes is far more convenient than designing each one separately. This not only saves time, but also makes it much easier to create similar layouts in the future.


This plugin adds a sophisticated custom module to the basic page builder. As a result, making beautiful and lovely cards for your website is a breeze. It is also possible to personalise it by dragging and dropping cards onto a page.


Key Characteristics:

Creates highly responsive cards that work well on all devices with ease.

Displays content in a variety of ways that can be customised.

On Ecommerce websites, you can include product information, an image, and a call to action.

Provides an initial set of content cards that direct visitors to another page.

Cards can be used to create small informative boxes on a large website with a lot of content.


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