12 Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress 2021 (Free + Paid)

Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress -2022

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Are you looking for the best WordPress social share plugins?

Increasing your social media presence allows you to reach more people on the internet. And do you know how to easily contact those people? It is accomplished by including social share buttons on your website.


Social sharing allows visitors to your website to share your content on their social profiles. More people will find your content this way.


Fortunately, there are a plethora of social media plugins that make it very simple to incorporate social sharing into WordPress. However, selecting the best and most appropriate plugin from among the many available can be a difficult task.


Don’t be concerned! We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best social share plugins for WordPress 2021 for you. Let’s go exploring!



How to Select a Reliable WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

2021’s Top 12 Social Share Plugins for WordPress

1. Social Buttons That Are Simple

2. sassy social media share

3. Warfare on Social Media

4. Monarch

5. Plugin for Novashare

6. UltimatelySocial’s Social Media Share Buttons

7. Simple Social Share Buttons

8. Any Share Buttons Can Be Added

9. Icons and Buttons for Social Sharing

10. Snapshot for Social Media

11. Increase Your Social Presence

12. Jetpack


How to Select a Reliable WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Before deciding on a good social share plugin, there are a few things to consider. So, make sure that the one you choose is worth a lot of money:


Plugin Update: Select a plugin that is up to date with the latest WordPress version and has regular support from its author. It should have fixed all of the bugs that were discovered on a regular basis.

Site Load Time: Because plugins are additional software, adding one can cause your website to load slowly. As a result, you must select a lightweight social share plugin that will not slow down your site.

Ratings and Reviews: Another consideration is the plugin’s rating and reviews by previous users. You must ensure that others are enjoying and reaping the full benefits of the plugin. Check out user reviews before deciding on a plugin.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t know how to install plugins. We have a comprehensive guide to installing WordPress plugins here.


With that out of the way, let’s get right into the list of the top 12 WordPress social sharing button plugins.


2021’s Top 12 Social Share Plugins for WordPress

We’ve included all of the free, freemium (free+premium), and premium social share plugins in this list. You can read through the description, all of the features, and pricing rates, and then select the best one for your needs.


1. Social Buttons That Are Simple

WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing and Buttons

Simple Social Buttons is a popular social share plugin for simple WordPress websites. It has the most features, making it the most versatile. It currently has over 40000 active installations.


It has beautiful sharing buttons for popular social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest. This social sharing plugin is also more customizable and can be placed wherever you want.



Simple to Set Up and Beginner-Friendly

Available in a Variety of Languages

Allows you to display social sharing icons in the sidebar, above and below content, on popups, and so on.

Allows you to display share counts.

It includes a Gutenberg block for adding Social Sharing to your posts.


Simple Social Buttons are available for free.


Now is the time to get Simple Social Buttons!

2. sassy social media share

sassy social media share

Sassy Social Share is one of the most widely used WordPress social sharing plugins. It is used by over 100,000 websites and offers a plethora of social sharing options.


You can use this plugin to allow your users to share content on over 100 additional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and others. Many plugins may not support sharing across all platforms. So, if you want to enable network sharing on a large number of networks, this could be the one for you.


Nota bene: Do you want to know how to install this plugin on your website? Check out our article on how to easily add social share buttons to WordPress.


Key Characteristics:

Compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Vector Icons that are optimised and look great

Integration of a URL Shortening Service

Multi-site Compatibility

Rapid assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week


It’s completely free!


Get Sassy Social Share Right Away!

3. Warfare on Social Media

WordPress Plugins for SocialWarfare Social Sharing

Social Warfare is another very popular WordPress sharing plugin. It was created by a team of social media marketing experts. It allows you to add large and bold social share buttons.


The total number of shares for each network will be displayed by this plugin. It also has a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. It is always up to date with the most recent version of WordPress.


Key Characteristics:

Recovery of Share Count

Buttons for Sharing That Float

Designs for Animated Share Buttons

Display the Most Shared Posts in the Sidebar Widget

Regain Control of Your Tweet Share Count


It’s completely free. However, if you require more features, its premium versions are available at various prices:


Single Site: $29 per year

$89/year for up to 5 sites.

Up to ten sites: $139 per year.

Unlimited: $349 per year

Get Social Warfare right now!

4. Monarch


Monarch is a premium social share WordPress plugin that elevates your social sharing to new heights. It’s a WordPress plugin that gives you a collection of beautifully designed social media share and follow buttons.


Many bloggers list Monarch as one of their top three social sharing plugins. It’s extremely simple to use, and it includes all of the necessary social networks.


Key Characteristics:

Friendly User Interface

Quick Loading

Followers and Shares on Social Media

Beautiful Social Share Buttons

Statistics on the content’s popularity


Monarch Social Share Plugin is available for $89/year with Elegant Themes Yearly Access (includes Divi, Extra, Monarch, & Bloom).


Get Monarch Right Now!

5. Plugin for Novashare

Share Nova

Next, we have Novashare, a powerful premium plugin. It’s a simple and straightforward social share buttons plugin for WordPress. Essentially, it only claims 5 KB on the front end, making it extremely fast. In other words, it will not slow down your website.


It is compatible with all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, making it more convenient and user-friendly. It also has the option to show or hide the share counts.


Key Characteristics:


Simple User Interface

Every Share Counts

To Tweet Block, click here.

Enabling Floating Sharing Buttons is an option.


Novashare Plugin is available at a variety of prices, including:


1 Site-Personal: $29,94 per year

3 Business Sites: $69.95/year

$149.95/year for unlimited sites

Get the Novashare Plugin Right Now!

6. UltimatelySocial’s Social Media Share Buttons

WordPress Plugins for Social Media Share Buttons

Another excellent social sharing plugin for WordPress is UltimatelySocial’s Social Media Share Buttons. Furthermore, it allows you to add social share icons from over 200 social media platforms and place them wherever you want.


Not to mention that the plugin allows you to show social sharing in a popup. The pop-up reminds your visitors to share your content on their favourite social media sites. This explains why it has over 200000 active installations.


Key Characteristics:

16 Unique Social Media Share Icon Designs

From Social Media Icons to Animation

Social Sharing Plugin with a Lot of Options

Allows you to upload your own custom social icons

Compliant with the GDPR


The Social Media Share Buttons plugin is completely free.


Get Social Media Share Buttons Right Away!

7. Simple Social Share Buttons

WordPress Plugins for Simple Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a premium WordPress social share plugin that contains nearly all of the features that are required in a single plugin. The most intriguing aspect of this plugin is the presence of love buttons. You can use it to allow users to express their appreciation for your content.


This plugin has two modes for counting shares. You have the option of using real-time share counters, which count shares at the exact time, or background counters, which update share counts after a set period of time.


Key Characteristics:

Detailed and insightful analytics on the site’s social performance

Mobile Application-Friendly

Customization of Share Buttons in Depth

30 Eye-Catching Share Icon Animations

With a simple setup, you can achieve impressive results.


Easy Social Share Buttons cost $22 per year.


Get Simple Social Share Buttons Right Now!

8. Any Share Buttons Can Be Added

Add to Any WordPress Share Button Plugins

The Add to Any Share Buttons plugin is where you can find universal sharing. As the plugin’s name implies, you can allow users to share your content anywhere. Users can share their content via the web or mobile apps.


It employs Scalable Vector Graphics, which means that it loads quickly. It also displays share counts alongside share buttons. This explains why it has over 500000 active installations.


Key Characteristics:

Google Analytics is used to track performance.

Buttons for Sharing Images

Floating Stock Bars

Optimized to load efficiently from anywhere in the world


You can obtain the Add to Any social share plugin for free.


Get Add to Any Share Buttons Right Away!

9. Icons and Buttons for Social Sharing

Icons and Buttons for Social Sharing

If you’re looking for a social share button plugin that supports multiple languages, Social Share Icons and Social Share Buttons could be the solution. It also has a social pop-up feature that reminds visitors to follow your site.


This plugin provides numerous placement options. Furthermore, you can place your social buttons wherever you want on your website, such as before or after posts, top right, bottom left, or in a variety of other places.


Key Characteristics:

GDPR Observance

Gutenberg editor is supported.

16 Different Designs for Social Share Buttons

Several Social Sharing Platforms

Buttons for Social Sharing that Animate


WordPress.org offers the Social Share Icons and Social Share Buttons plugin for free.


Get Social Share Icons and Buttons Right Now!

10. Snapshot for Social Media

WordPress Plugins for Social Snap and Social Share

Up to 30 different social media platforms are supported by Social Snap’s social share buttons. It means that visitors to your website can share your content on any of the social media networks. It also allows you to recover your share counts if you have accidentally lost them.


It also has a sticky bar with customizable share icons. You can configure a sticky bar to appear only on mobile, only on desktop, or both. It can be a very beneficial strategy for increasing your social share.


Key Characteristics:

Buttons for Social Sharing that are Highly Customizable

Button for Tweeting

Display Social Follower Counts Automatically

Publish New Social Media Posts Automatically


Social Snap is completely free. Its pro version is available for a variety of prices:



Pro: $69 per year

Plus: $27 per year

Get Social Snap Right Now!

11. Increase Your Social Presence

Increase Your Social Presence

Grow Social, formerly known as Social Pug, is one of the most user-friendly WordPress social share plugins on the market. The most important aspect is that it does not collect any of the user’s information. The users’ privacy is protected.


This plugin allows you to add highly customizable social share buttons to your website. It means you can make your share buttons circular, rectangular, or round in any shape you want.


Key Characteristics:

Buttons for Social Sharing Before and After Content

Floating Social Share Buttons in the Sidebar

Total Share Counts vs. Social Share Counts

Customizable Button Labels

Sharp Share Icons that are Retina Ready


You’ll be relieved to learn that you won’t have to pay for it. However, if you want more features, premium versions are also available at various prices:


$34/year for Blogger (Single Site)

Two sites: $64 per year

Three locations: $90 per year

Four Sites:$112/year

Five Locations: $130/year

Ten sites: $180/year

Jetpack is an undeniable plugin that includes social share buttons among many other features. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, created it. In fact, it’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with over 5 million sites using it.

This plugin includes a number of features that will help to make your site safer and faster. Furthermore, Jetpack assists you in increasing traffic by reaching out to potential customers through social sharing features.


Key Characteristics:

Simple to Implement Social Sharing Feature

There are numerous styles of social share buttons.

Malware scanning is also included.

Simple integration with the Akismet anti-spam plugin

Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days


Get Jetpack for free. Jetpack’s premium version, which includes additional security and performance features, costs $4.77 per month.


Get Jetpack Right Now!


We’ve come to an end on that note. We’ve done our best in this article to compile a list of some of the best social share plugins for WordPress 2021. We hope you enjoyed it.


Nowadays, social media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet running. Social sharing allows you to channel that activity and build the right network with your target clients, which you can then use as a powerful positive tool for your business.


All of these social share plugins play an important role in enabling the social sharing function in WordPress.


Still, if you have any questions or are confused about the social share plugins? Then don’t be shy about leaving a comment below. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.


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