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If you’re seeking for inspiration to start a new online company, look no further than the top WordPress site examples. Simply look at the existing established WordPress websites for ideas!

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most user-friendly and powerful CMS software on the market today. That is why WordPress powers more than 43 percent of all websites on the internet.


So, you may be interested in learning about some of the top WordPress websites on the internet. To that end, we’ve compiled an interesting collection of the top WordPress site examples for you to peruse.


Let’s get started.



Why Create a WordPress Website? (5 Most Important Advantages)

100+ Inspirational WordPress Website Examples

Examples of WordPress Blog Websites

B. Examples of Personal WordPress Websites

C. Examples of Business and Enterprise WordPress Websites

D. WordPress Website Examples for Non-Profit & Organizations

Examples of WordPress Websites for News and Magazines

F. Examples of WordPress Entertainment Websites

G. Examples of Educational WordPress Websites

Examples of Ecommerce WordPress Websites

I. Examples of Restaurant WordPress Websites

Examples of WordPress Websites for Agencies

Examples of Podcast WordPress Websites

Examples of Membership WordPress Websites


Why Create a WordPress Website? (5 Most Important Advantages)

Before we get into the list, let’s go over some of the reasons why WordPress websites are so important. They are as follows:


WordPress is simple to install, setup, and use. You can effortlessly construct websites, pages, and manage everything from your admin panel thanks to its user-friendly features.

WordPress was originally designed to produce blogs, but it can now be used to construct any form of website. Personal, eCommerce, commercial, and membership websites, for example. You may also quickly personalise your complete site to meet your specific requirements.

It provides a wide range of themes and plugins for you to use on your website. You can quickly import them to improve your site’s appearance and functionality.

Ranks higher: WordPress employs SEO-friendly code that is routinely updated. It also includes a number of tools and plugins for optimising your content. This improves your site’s ranking in search engines.

Finally, WordPress enables you to create a responsive design for your site that will work on any device.

Now, let’s look at some WordPress site samples.


100+ Inspirational WordPress Website Examples

We’ve chosen 101 prominent WordPress sites as examples of how fantastic sites can be made using WordPress in this post.


We divided them into 12 categories: blog, personal site, business, non-profit, magazine, entertainment, educational, eCommerce, restaurant, agency, podcast, and membership.


Do you want to know how we determined whether they were utilising WordPress? Check out our in-depth guide on determining if a website is powered by WordPress.


A.Examples of WordPress Blog Websites

1. SiteSaga

SiteSaga is a technology blog about website development.

SiteSaga is a free online resource that will assist you in creating your website. It offers lessons, in-depth articles, and step-by-step directions for website creation. You’ll also discover articles about product reviews, marketing, and so on.


Also, be sure to read the popular and editor’s choice blogs that can help your site succeed. If you have any queries, you can also fill out the contact form to remain in touch.


Topics Included: Website creation tutorials, an evaluation of website systems such as WordPress, web hosting, plugins, and so on.

Target Audience: People who are not tech-savvy yet wish to develop a website on their own.

Popular Blog Article: The Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2022

SiteSaga on Facebook

Twitter handle: @sitesaga

Visit the SiteSaga website/blog.

2. Microsoft Updates

Examples of Microsoft News-WordPress websites

Microsoft News delivers Microsoft information, articles, and news. You may read about new features, community blogs, and articles on a variety of themes. It provides press tools for researching press releases, events, and so on.


In addition, you may discover all of Microsoft’s goods and services on this website. These items may be added to your shopping basket as well. You may keep connected by following them on their social media platforms.


Topics Included: Microsoft news and articles.

People who are interested in the news and stories behind Microsoft are the target audience.

Microsoft vs. Facebook

Twitter handle: @MSFTnews

Go to the following website/blog: Microsoft News

3. 99U

Examples of 99u-Microsoft News-WordPress websites

99U is a motivating blog website that provides Adobe’s professional information. It tells the story of prominent creatives’ careers. Its main goal is to inspire creatives to work hard and turn their ideas into reality.


As a result, you’ll be able to find articles in various categories such as features, interviews, and guides. Furthermore, there is a ‘Conference’ menu that takes you to Adobe 99U Conference content.


Adobe’s creative career resources, including stories behind the careers of leading creatives, guides, tips, and the annual conference, are covered.

People who follow the Adobe team’s career resources or attend the annual conference are the target audience.

99U on Facebook

@99u on Twitter

Visit the following website/blog: 99U

4. Mozilla’s Blog

Mozilla Blog-WordPress Websites of Excellence

The Mozilla Blog is the blog section of the well-known company’s website. It publishes the most recent news about Mozilla and its products, such as Firefox, Pocket, and Mozilla VPN.


In addition, there is a featured collection of recently published blogs and videos. It also includes blogs with interviews with the founders of other companies.


Topics Included: Blogs about the Mozilla Corporation and its products, such as Firefox. Firefox, Pocket, and Mozilla VPN are a few examples.

People who are interested in blogs or news about Mozilla and its products are the target audience.

Popular Blog Post: The new, modern, and clean Firefox makes it easier to access everything you need online.

Mozilla is on Instagram.

Twitter handle: @mozilla

Go to website/blog: The Mozilla Blog

5. TED Blog

Ted Blog-WordPress blog examples

TED Blog is also a blog section of the popular media organisation, TED. The company is all about delivering ideas related to technology, entertainment, and design. Now, it also talks about science, business, and global issues.


You can easily check the newest and popular articles of the site in different sections. Plus, there are articles for the live session of TEDMonterey. You’re able to keep viewing the older posts using load more posts buttons.


Topics Covered: Blogs and news on the session of TEDMonterey.

Target Audience: People who view or are part of TEDMonterey.

Popular Article on the Blog: Better. Smarter. Wiser. Notes from Session 7 of TEDMonterey.

Facebook: TED

Twitter: @TEDTalks

Go to website/blog: TED Blog

6. Spotify News

Spotify News-examples of websites built with WordPress

If you want to see the blogs and news about Spotify, then check out Spotify News. Spotify has been able to make us find the right music and podcast easily from our mobile devices. Its blog section has latest updates, stories, etc.


Plus, you can also know more about your favourite songs and podcasts. To get the new announcements directly on your inbox, subscribe to their channel present at this WordPress site.


Topics Covered: Blogs and news on Spotify.

Target Audience: People who use the Spotify application.

Popular Article on the Blog: How Spotify’s Newest Personalized Experience, Blend, Creates a Playlist of You and Your Bestie.

Facebook: Spotify


Go to website/blog: Spotify News

7. PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Blog-WordPress site examples

If you’re a gamer, then you may have played or heard of PlayStation. PlayStation Blog contains blogs on the different versions of PlayStation games. Not only that, you can check out the videos and trailers for other popular games as well.


The articles are categorised as per the trending stories, latest posts, new features, and more. To connect and know more about PlayStation, the website offers you links to PlayStation Now, PlayStation Music, and more.


Topics Covered: Blogs on different versions of PlayStation.

Target Audience: Gamers who enjoy reading blogs on PlayStation.

Popular Article on the Blog: You’re invited: PlayStation Showcase 2021 Broadcast next Thursday.

Facebook: PlayStation

Twitter: @PlayStation

Go to website/blog: PlayStation Blog

8. TripAdvisor Blog

TripAdvisor Blog-examples of WordPress sites

TripAdvisor Blog offers blogs about the world’s largest travel guidance platform, TripAdvisor. The blogs are written by travellers and for travellers. You can find articles on different categories including Inspiration, Stories, Travel Tips, and TripAdvisor News.


From the site, you’re able to follow their social media platforms to get updates. Plus, you can create your profile page to register as a member of the blog.


Topics Covered: Inspiration, Stories, Travel Tips, and Tripadvisor News blogs about Tripadvisor.

Target Audience: Travelers

Facebook: Tripadvisor


Go to website/blog: Tripadvisor Blog

9. Windows Blog

Windows Blog- WordPress website examples

Windows Blog is yet another blog section for the popular Windows company and its products. If you want to know about Windows 11, then there’re articles. Also, it provides news and updates about Microsoft Edge.


Plus, you can see the blogs in other different categories. Such as Windows Experience and Devices. There’s also a Windows Developer section that provides guidance to developers about development on the Windows platform.


Topics Covered: Blogs on news and updates on the Windows products like Microsoft Edge, Windows 11, and more to offer for the developers.

Target Audience: Developers and people with interest to view the latest news and updates on Windows and its products.

Popular Article on the Blog: ASUS reveals a lineup of Windows 11 laptops, OLED displays, and more aimed at content creators.

Microsoft vs. Facebook


Go to website/blog: Windows Blog

10. Evernote Blog

Evernote Blog-WordPress site examples

Evernote Blog is an animated blog section of the Evernote Corporation website. It’s a global and private company located in California. It focuses on keeping notes, performing better project planning, and stating easy ways to get what’s needed.


It focuses on providing news and articles about using Evernote. Plus, you can find blogs in different categories. Like Customer Stories, Podcasts, Evernote Tech, etc.


Topics Covered: Blogs on news, stories, podcasts, and about using Evernote.

Target Audience: Employees and people working or having an interest in such projects.

Popular Article on the Blog: Juggling Multiple Projects? There’s a Better Way.

Facebook: Evernote

Twitter: @evernote

Go to website/blog: Evernote Blog

11. Star Wars News

Starwars News-WordPress site examples

Star Wars News is a blog and news site for the official website of Star Wars. It includes a variety of categories of articles. Some of which are about the events, films, interviews, Disney+, and many more.


Apart from that, you can easily see a list of all the contributors to the blog. Plus, it provides you with a collection of articles according to the year it was published to know facts during that period.


Topics Covered: Blogs and news about Star Wars in categories like Films, Events, Disney+, etc.

Target Audience: Blog contributors, people who are interested in Star Wars or a part of their films/series, etc.

Facebook: Star Wars

Twitter: @starwar

Go to website/blog: Star Wars News

12. Flickr Blog

Flickr Blog-best WordPress sites

Flickr Blog is the companion blog for Flickr. Flickr allows its customers to organise, share, and store their photos. It establishes an easy collaboration with passionate photo communities across the globe.


On this blog page, there are all the blogs written by the employees of Flickr. You can also find articles on categories like Flickr Friday, Photographer, Spotlight, etc. You’re able to see all the photos shared on Flickr gallery.


Topics Covered: Blogs by the employees of Flickr about photography.

Target Audience: Photographers and people interested in photography. Especially the Flickr community.

Popular Article on the Blog: World Photography Day is coming! Join in for a chance to win.

Facebook: Flickr

Twitter: @Flickr

Go to website/blog: Flickr Blog

13. The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog-best WordPress websites

The Positivity Blog is a minimal blog site by Henrik Edberg, a full-time blogger. This blog is all about self-esteem, happiness, etc. If you’re looking for personal development advice for getting good results at work, then check out this blog.


The blog itself is easy to read and uses beautiful typography. Apart from the positivity courses, it also guides you with building your own blog.


Topics Covered: Self-esteem, happiness, social skills, and more course-wise blogs for personal development.

Target Audience: People who want to build their own blogs or anyone that wants motivation to stay positive at work.

Popular Article on the Blog: 7 Habits of Unhappy People.

Facebook: The Positivity Blog


Go to website/blog: The Positivity Blog

14. WPBeginner

wpbeginner-best WordPress websites

WPBeginner is one of the largest free WordPress resource sites with 1 million+ readers. It aims to provide tutorials, tips, hacks, and other WordPress resources for beginners, small businesses, bloggers, and website owners.


Apart from blogs on those WordPress resources, it also provides information about their featured WordPress plugins. Not only that, but the site also offers great deals and coupons on hosting, affiliate marketing, and more.


Topics Covered: Tutorials, tips, hacks, and more WordPress resources to building and improving the WordPress website.

Target Audience: Beginners, small businesses, bloggers, and website owners who may not have any technical knowledge.

Popular Article on the Blog: 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons) (Pros and Cons).

Facebook: WPBeginner


Go to website/blog: WPBeginner

15. WPExplorer

Wpexplore-examples of websites built with WordPress

WPExplorer is yet another site that provides WordPress resources and guides. Here, you can find the best free and premium WordPress themes and plugins. Also, it shares blog articles, tutorials, tips, etc. Such as SEO, security, reviews, hosting, etc.


Getting started with your own site or want to add new plugins/themes on your existing site? Then, check out the coupons and deals for hosting, themes, and plugins.


Topics Covered: List of WordPress themes and plugins, guides to topics like SEO, hosting, speed, security, and more.

Target Audience: Beginners or website owners who want to build or improve their site.

Facebook: WPExplorer


Go to website/blog: WPExplorer

16. Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs-WordPress site examples

Stuck in Customs is a stylish travel blog by Trey Ratcliff aimed to inspire and motivate visitors. Along with his travel photographs, you can find the guide to learn photography.


There are blogs about his travel gears and tools, reviews on related software, and the best cameras. Additionally, you’ll see the Shop Now menu on its navigation to buy a variety of things. It includes eBooks, HDR software, etc.


Topics Covered: Blogs about his travel gears and tools, reviews on software, cameras, etc.

Target Audience: Photographers, travellers, and people interested in learning photography.

Popular Article on the Blog: Under The Influence – How To Fake Your Way Into Getting Rich on Instagram.

Facebook: Trey Ratcliff


Go to website/blog: Stuck in Customs

17. Cranky Flier

Cranky Flier-WordPress blog examples

If you want to hear the stories about the airline industry, then here’s Cranky Flier. It’s a blog by Brett Synder, President and Chief Airline Dork of Cranky Flier LLC.


Instead of viewing all the articles from the huge list, filter the posts by category or month published. Plus, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about the latest blogs. After subscription, you’ll get daily top 5 airline stories.


Topics Covered: Blogs about the airline industry.

Target Audience: People who have an interest in airlines or like to travel.

Facebook: Cranky Flier


Go to website/blog: Cranky Flier

18. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a popular blog site about photography. This blog includes tips, resources, and tutorials for photographers to capture elegant photographs.


The tips are categorised into certain topics that you need to consider for improving your photography skills. It includes portraits, landscapes, cameras, gear, etc. Plus, the site also offers you to buy photography courses and eBooks.


Topics Covered: Tips, resources, and tutorials on improving photography.

Target Audience: Photographers

Facebook: Digital Photography School

Twitter: @digitalps

Go to website/blog: Digital Photography School

Want to have a blog like these? You can make one for yourself, without touching any code! Simply follow our step-by-step guide blog creation guide!


B.Personal WordPress Website Examples

19. Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks-WordPress personal blog examples

Dallas Mavericks is a WordPress website of the American professional basketball team, ‘Mavericks’ in Dallas. This site contains information about the team members, their coaches, upcoming games, schedules, the latest news, etc.


You can find the tickets available for sale if you wish to watch their game live. Moreover, the site enables you to shop for a variety of things. Such as jerseys, headwear, e-gift cards, etc. for men, women, and kids.


What can you find here? About the basketball team Mavericks including the team members, schedule, upcoming games, news, shop, etc.

Target Audience: People that have an interest in their game or who like playing games.

Facebook: Dallas Mavericks

Twitter: @dallasmavs

Go to website/blog: Dallas Mavericks

20. Katy Perry

Katy Perry-best WordPress websites

If you love music, then you may have listened to songs from the singer, Katy Perry. She is a talented songwriter and TV judge. Her personal site katyperry.com contains her albums that you can listen to and buy from multiple platforms.


The best thing is that there’s a shop section on the site. Here, you’re able to buy her music, clothing like handbags, sandals, etc., and perfumes. Plus, you can get the tickets and know the location and date of her shows.


What can you find here? Her music albums, tickets for her shows, shop, and more.

Target Audience: Fans who love her music.

Popular Content: ‘Smile’ album.

Facebook: Katy Perry

Twitter: @katyperry

Go to website/blog: Katy Perry

21. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris-WordPress personal blog examples

Tim Ferriss is a technology investor/advisor and also an author of New York Times bestselling books. His personal website, timferriss.com contains blogs and content about his podcast i.e. The Tim Ferriss Show.


The articles are classified into categories like Dance, Interview, etc. You can find his books with the integration of other platforms from which you can buy them. Also, there’re links for viewing his shows and podcasts.


What can you find here? Podcasts on different categories like dance, interview, etc.

Target Audience: People who enjoy his shows and podcasts.

Popular Content: Podcast – The Tim Ferriss Show.

Facebook: Tim Ferriss

Twitter: @tferriss

Go to website/blog: Tim Ferriss

22. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg-WordPress personal site examples

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and media personality. His personal WordPress site snoopdpgg.com contains all about his works until now. Such as his films, albums, and appearances.


Plus, you can find news related to him and the campaigns, he has been a part of. The Shop menu on its site redirects to ‘The SnooperMarket’. Here, you can buy apparel and home goods along with his films and songs.


What can you find here? Films, albums, appearances, shop, news, etc. of Snoop Dogg.

Target Audience: Fans who love his music and style.

Popular Content: ‘From The Streets 2 The Suites’ album.

Instagram: snoopdogg

Twitter: @SnoopDogg

Go to website/blog: Snoop Dogg

23. Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert-WordPress site examples

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the New York Times bestselling authors, popular for her book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Her personal website, elizabethgilbert.com, is about her biography, books, events, and news.


Additionally, the site allows you to purchase or read her books online from multiple platforms. There’s also an Onward menu that redirects to her book club. Here, you can study and celebrate the work of black female authors.


What can you find here? Biography, books, events, news, Onward Book Club, etc.

Target Audience: Book readers.

Popular Content: ‘City of Girls’ book.

Facebook: Elizabeth Gilbert

Twitter: @GilbertLiz

Go to website/blog: Elizabeth Gilbert

24. Allie Nimmons

Allie Nimmons-WordPress website examples

Allie Nimmons is a WordPress content creator/writer who owns Beedia Productions, a technical publishing studio. Her personal site allienimmons.com contains her living resume on her bio, podcast interviews, written work, etc.


Her personal site is minimal yet elegant. You can switch the site from light to dark mode and vice versa. You can also check out her blogs and subscribe to her WordPress newsletter ‘I’m Glad You Asked’.


What can you find here? Living resume, blogs, company site, newsletter, etc.

Target Audience: Content creators, writers, or people who want to work in a similar field.

Twitter: @allie nimmons

Go to website/blog: allienimmons.com

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