10 Best WordPress Multilingual & Translation Plugins for 2020 (Compared)

Are you trying to find the very best WordPress plugins that support many languages for your website? Or have you given any thought to localising your content on your website so that it may be seen in a variety of languages by your audience? If your answer is yes, then you have arrived to the correct website.

With the help of a multilingual plugin for WordPress, you can make the content of your website appear in a number of different languages, allowing people to see it in the language of their choice. These plugins are extensively used for the creation of multilingual websites since the core version of WordPress does not by default contain support for several languages.

We have studied and assessed the features, as well as the cost, of the finest WordPress multilingual and translation plugins here so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the best multilingual plugin. Let’s get started!

Why Make Your Website Multilingual?

It is a well-known fact that English is the language that is used the most on the internet; nevertheless, it is estimated that only approximately 25 percent of internet users really write or speak in English. In a nutshell, this indicates that the remaining 75% communicate through other languages, which may or may not be spoken.

Therefore, multilingual plugins might be helpful if you want to make your website accessible in a variety of languages and attract readers and consumers from across the world.

Aside from this particular factor, there are a great deal more that should persuade you to create your website bilingual.

  • International marketing strategy: If your website is accessible in a number of other languages, then there is a better possibility that the material of your blog will be read by people from other countries. In addition to this, the popularity of your website will spread over the whole world. Additionally, over time you will bring in a growing number of new clients and subscribers.
  • Making it easy for your customers:  If you make your website accessible in a variety of languages, your customers will find it simple to read and will be more likely to share it with their friends in other countries. This will be beneficial to you.

There are several advantages to having a website that supports many languages, and this is a distinct quality or feature of your website. Let’s move on to the next topic at hand, which is a list of the top WordPress plugins for multilingual support.

The Best 10 WordPress Multilingual & Translation Plugins 2020


The first item on this list is the WordPress Multilingual Plugin, which is more often referred to as WPML. It is the most effective multilingual plugin for translating material and it supports more than 40 different languages. You may also use it for personal blogs, websites that sell products online, or agencies.

In addition to this, WPML is a multilingual plugin that operates quickly and efficiently. While you have this plugin installed, you do not need to be concerned about the speed at which pages load. The reason for this is that it has altered its page loading time, which has resulted in a huge reduction. As a result, it has the potential to guarantee that the performance of your website will remain at an ideal level.


  • The inclusion of user-defined languages ( like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish).

  • Integration with the WooCommerce platform

  • Additionally provides translation of the text of the theme and plugins.

  • Suitable for use with the vast majority of WordPress themes

  • Provides help that can be relied on.


You will be required to make a purchase in order to make use of this plugin, and the price each year may vary anywhere from $29 to $159 USD.

2. Polylang

The next item on the agenda is Polylang, which is a free WordPress plugin that supports many languages. It is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, and can accommodate users of all experience levels. This plugin contains several unique features. With these capabilities, you won’t need to rely on an outside translation provider since you’ll be able to translate the information on your own.

Therefore, if you want to develop and manage different languages on your own, this plugin is a wonderful option for you to consider. In addition to this, it is available in a free version and in a variety of paid plans that are not too expensive. These plans are versatile and may be used for a variety of applications, including company websites that are WooCommerce-ready.


  • Optimized for use with search engine plugins

  • Utilization that is simple and effective

  • Translates URLs, as well as user-defined post kinds and taxonomies, widgets, and navigation menus.

  • A language selector widget that may be customised is offered.


Polylang is a free plugin that supports many languages. If, on the other hand, you wish to utilise a pro edition of the software, the cost ranges from $117 to $164 for a single website.

3. TranslatePress

One of the most well-known and often used free WordPress translation plugins that can be found on the market is called TranslatePress. It is without a doubt a wonderful and user-friendly plugin, as shown by the fact that it has over 100,000+ active instals and an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

In addition to this, it comes with a visual translation, which allows you to work on the final page right from the front-end of the website.

This multilingual plugin is also search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, which means that it will help your content rank higher in several languages. As a consequence of this, it is a helpful plugin that you can install on your website in order to increase the size of your audience.


  • Facilitates the use of WooCommerce.

  • Completely compatible with each and every one of the most popular plugins and themes.

  • Displays a real-time preview of your pages that have been translated

  • Gutenberg Support

  • Support for automated language translation provided through integration with Google Translate.


You may choose between the free edition and the premium version of TranslatePress. The premium edition of the software may be purchased for between €79 and €199 each year. They promise your complete satisfaction and provide a full refund if you return the item within the first 15 days after purchase.

4. Weglot Translate

The WordPress plugin known as Weglot Translate is widely considered to be among the finest language translators available. By using this plugin, you will have the ability to effortlessly change your content right inside the editing dashboard of your website. In addition to that, it gives you the ability to contract expert translators so that you may have a translation service that is of a high standard on your website.

In addition to this, it supports more than 100 different languages, from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition to that, there is a free edition available for webpages with less than 2000 words. Use this free version in order to test it out for yourself if you’re interested in giving it a go.


  • Completely Optimized for Search Engines

  • Compatible with Elementor as well as WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, amongst other plugins.

  • The provision of visual editing tools

  • Access to translations done by professionals

  • There is also support for URL translation.

  • In addition, SEO tags were translated.


Both a free and a paid premium edition of Weglot are available to users. The price range begins at $99 and goes up to $1990 a year. In addition, they offer a bespoke Enterprise package beginning at €4990, which enables users to include their own custom translated languages and terms.

5. MultilingualPress

Following that, we have MultilingualPress, a robust plugin for WordPress that supports several languages and takes a novel approach. It is multisite based, which means that in contrast to other plugins, you will be required to construct numerous sites, one site for each language. As a result, the loading speed of your websites will improve.

Another one of this plugin’s standout qualities is that it won’t have any impact on the functionality of other sites, even if you disable it on one of your domains. Because of this, MultilingualPress is a great option to consider if you need a multilingual plugin that also has these capabilities.


  • VIP projects compatible with a multisite-based multilingual plugin

  • Optimized for Use with WooCommerce

  • Language manager offered for adding or deleting language

  • URLs and permalinks that are optimised for search engines

  • Page builder support available

  • 174 customizable languages available


WordPress.org provides a link to a free download of the MultilingualPress plugin. You may purchase a premium licence if you want access to extra features beyond those already included. The price range begins at $199 and goes up to $599 each year.

6. WP Multilang

WP Multilang is a multilingual plugin for WordPress that is used for the purpose of translating pages into a variety of languages. In addition to this, it enables you to simply translate the page and posts, as well as the menu, titles, widgets, and multimedia assets.


  • Compatible with a wide variety of plugins, including WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and Mailchimp, among others.

  • Provides multisite support

  • Compatible with page builders such as SiteOrigin and works well with them.

  • Compatible with the REST standard.


WP Multilang is available on WordPress.org for free

7. Multisite Language Switcher

The next item on the agenda is the Multisite Language Switcher, a simple but effective multilingual plugin for WordPress. You will have an easier time switching between languages and will be able to transition between them much more quickly thanks to this plugin’s assistance.

Multisite Language Switcher is an excellent choice for you if you are just starting out and want to experiment with different multilingual plugins for your website. Additionally, it is free, which means that you may use it whenever you want and download it directly from the WordPress website without any hassle.


  • Flag Icons visible alongside language choices

  • Subdomains and subdirectories are not excluded from receiving multisite functionality.

  • Excellent Support

  • The MU Domain Mapping plugin is compatible with it.


 Multisite Language Switcher is a free plugin. 

8. GTranslate

GTranslate is another another WordPress plugin that can support several languages. Since 2008, this plugin has been actively used, and it now has over 200,000 active users. The fact that this plugin stores its data on the cloud is what sets it apart from similar products on the market. In a nutshell, this method not only boosts the performance of your website but also expands its storage capacity.

In addition to that, it is search engine optimised. Your website will have built-in SEO as a consequence of this, which will assist the site in appearing in search engines in many languages, hence boosting the amount of foreign visitors and sales you get. In addition to this, it provides reasonably priced plans from which you may choose the one that best fits your needs and therefore reduce the amount of resources you use.


  • Combining with data from Google Analytics

  • Support for reading from right to left is present in the language

  • Fully compatible with the WooCommerce platform

  • Support is available through Live Chat.

  • There is a widget for the Google Language Translator accessible.


There is a free version of GTranslate, as well as a commercial one that comes with extra capabilities. The premium plan has a monthly cost that ranges from $7.99 to $37.99.

9. Loco Translate

Users of WordPress may easily transition between languages with the assistance of Loco Translate, another free multilingual plugin for WordPress. It has more than a million installations, and two of the primary reasons for its appeal are the ease with which it can be implemented as well as its practicability. It is the translation plugin for WordPress that is the most user-friendly, and the developers provide a “beginner’s tutorial” that walks users through each step in great detail.

In a nutshell, this is an outstanding multisite plugin that will assist you in the development of multilingual websites. Loco Translate is another service that comes highly recommended by our team because to its user-friendliness and competitive pricing.


  • Comments, references, and plural forms are only some of the website elements that are supported.

  • It provides an unlimited number of free translations.

  • Available Support Forum to Use

  • Quick email support available ( Premium version)


Loco Translate is a multisite plugin that is available for free. On the other hand, if you want a version with more sophisticated capabilities, they provide a premium version with those additional features. Prices range from $5.95 to $29.95 per month for the plan.

10. WPGlobus

WPGlobus comes in last on our list of companies. There are a variety of multilingual tools that can be added to your website with the help of this well-known and free multilingual plugin for WordPress. With the help of this plugin, manually translating articles, pages, categories, and menus is a breeze, and you can choose the translations you want.

In addition to that, it comes with a selection of add-ons that may be used to customise the plugin in many ways, such as changing the display of the menu. You have the ability to reveal or conceal items in the menu, as well as adjust their placement. Because of this, it is an essential plugin that all novice users as well as those with more experience should test out.


  • It is compatible with Yoast SEO as well as All in One SEO.

  • Compatible with the vast majority of WordPress themes.

  • Compatible with a variety of page builders and plugins, including WPBakery Page Builder, amongst others.

  • Features made accessible by WooCommerce.

  • It provides efficient assistance


Installing and downloading WPGlobus does not cost anything. You may get it from the official website if you wish to update it and install certain add-ons there at the same time. WPGlobus Multilingual Notices is one of the add-ons that can be purchased from them for $14 per year, WPGlobus Header Images can be purchased for $19 per year, and WPGlobus for WooCommerce can be purchased for $99 per year.


The discussion presented in this article has finally reached its conclusion. In this article, we covered everything from a review of each of the multilingual plugins to a breakdown of their prices and features.

We suggest WPML out of all of these Plugins since it is simple to use, comes with its own set of capabilities, and has pricing levels that are quite reasonable.

When it comes to selecting a Multilingual WordPress plugin, we hope that you found this post helpful and that it assisted you in making the best possible decision.

Check out our post on how to pick the best WordPress plugins if you would want to learn more about the factors that you should take into consideration when selecting plugins for your website.

Which of the many WordPress plugins that support many languages is your favourite? Before you put them on your site, what factors do you take into consideration? Share your thoughts with us in the section below!

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