10 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins for 2022 (Compared)

Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins -2022

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Are you seeking for the greatest WordPress plugins that will be released soon? If so, you’ve arrived to the correct place.

Every website must have a coming soon page or be in maintenance mode. It provides visitors a preview of what’s to come while disguising the real work being done.


This page, in particular, serves as the temporary landing page when users search for your website. As a result, visitors will know if your site will be published soon or whether it is now inaccessible. It also aids in the creation of buzz, search engine rankings, the generation of leads, and the expansion of your visitor base.


We are aware, however, that there are a plethora of WordPress coming soon plugins. It is time-consuming to sort through a plethora of possibilities. Don’t be concerned! We’ve made things easy for you.


As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest WordPress coming soon plugins for 2021 that may be ideal for your site. Let’s take a closer look at them.



Criteria for selecting the top WordPress upcoming plugins for 2021

10 Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugins for 2021 (Compared)

1. SeedProduction

2. Maintenance mode and Coming Soon mode

3. The CMP

Elementor 4

5. Minimal To Be Released Soon

6. WordPress Maintenance Mode

7. Currently Under Construction

8. Under Construction & Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon Dazzler’s

Colorlib’s Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

EZP Coming Soon Page 10


Criteria for selecting the top WordPress upcoming plugins for 2021

When selecting a plugin for your website, you must take numerous factors into account. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a coming soon plugin.


Contact or subscription form: Visitors who have discovered your website want to stay in contact with you. You also want more visitors to contact you as the site owner. In order to do so, the plugin must enable you to include a contact form.

Countdown timer: Check that the plugin allows you to add a countdown timer. This informs users of the exact day and hour when your site will be accessible.

Simple customization: The chosen plugin should be simple to modify. For example, you might include your brand’s logo image, textual components, colour, photos, and so on.

Ratings: Pay attention to the plugin’s ratings and reviews from its users. It gives you extra plugin ideas.

Different modes: Ensure that the plugin includes more than just the coming soon page. For example, maintenance mode or under construction.

With that, let’s get started with the list of the Top 10 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins for 2021.


10 Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugins for 2021 (Compared)

We’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress coming soon plugins, along with thorough descriptions, features, and cost. So, look over each plugin to see which one is ideal for your website.


1. SeedProduction

SeedProd Page Builder Plugin

SeedProd is one of the most beautiful upcoming plugins. Using the drag and drop builder, you can simply design stunning coming soon pages with pre-built sections and themes.


It also has many modes, such as a maintenance mode page, a custom 404 page, and so on. As a result, you may simply restrict access to your website while it is under development using these modes.


Furthermore, the pages generated by this plugin are responsive. This guarantees that your pages and content are legible regardless of the size of the screen your visitors are using. Furthermore, since it is a lightweight plugin, it has no effect on the speed of your site.


SeedProd’s main characteristics are as follows:

There are several block options available, including countdown, social sharing, symbol, and many more. You may effortlessly include them into your upcoming page.

Capable of easily customising any page element such as typeface, colour, layout, and pictures.

Protect your coming soon pages from spam, bots, and fraudulent submissions using ReCaptcha.

Subscriber management allows you to keep track of your subscribers. Obtain detailed information on page subscriber numbers and new subscribers over time.

Translation-ready enables you to develop pages that can be translated into any language.


The SeedProd plugin is available for free download from WordPress.org. You may, however, upgrade to the pro version. The following is the pricing:


$39.50/year for the Basic Plan

Plan Plus: $99.50 per year

$199.50/year for the Pro Plan

$239.60/year for the Elite Bundle Plan

Get SeedProd Right Now!

2. Maintenance mode and Coming Soon mode

Soon and in maintenance mode

Another plugin that enables you to build coming soon and maintenance mode pages is Coming Soon and Maintenance mode. It has some great designs and animation effects. You may also use picture sliders on your website to avoid merely dull textual elements.


Most significantly, you may include a built-in countdown timer to let people know when your website will be ready. It has three alternative countdown designs. You may also customise the countdown position, size, border, width, typefaces, colour, and many other aspects. As a result, by combining various choices, you may make a fantastic timer.


Coming Soon and Maintenance modes include the following key features:

Send email alerts to subscribers with ease.

Capable of disabling the plugin for particular IP addresses.

The plugin is social networking compatible (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram).

Upload your company’s own logo.

When the countdown timer expires, you may conceal the countdown or deactivate the coming soon/maintenance mode.


Maintenance mode plugin will be available shortly, and it is free to use, so you may get it from WordPress.org or its official site.


You may also upgrade to a premium version for more features. This plugin is available for the following price:


$14 for the Personal Plan

$30 for a business plan

$50 for the Developer Plan

Now is the time to activate the Coming Soon and Maintenance modes!

3. The CMP

CMP-on the way WordPress add-on

CMP is a free plugin that covers all of the necessary high-quality functionality for generating coming soon pages. This plugin is really easy to set up and utilise. You may activate your maintenance, coming early, or landing page with a single click.


It, like the aforementioned plugins, is extremely customisable in a variety of ways. You may choose from many layouts, add a custom logo, background videos, animation, modify the font, and much more.


Furthermore, it has a programmable countdown action. As a result, you have the option to activate or disable the coming soon/maintenance mode. Hide the countdown metre as well, or redirect your visitors to another website.


CMP’s Key Characteristics:

A customised subscribe form is used to capture an email address. In addition, Google Recaptcha integration secures the subscription form.

You may show off beautiful icons for every social network.

Capable of displaying the logo icon button on the coming soon pages.

Provides three bundled free themes as well as 20+ downloadable themes.

WPML (WordPress Multilingual) and Polylang are fully supported, so you may show your coming soon page in several languages.


The CMP plugin is available for free download from WordPress.org. Unlike other plugins, the CMP plugin does not need any payment to access its full functionality.


Get CMP Right Now!

Elementor 4

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Because Elementor is a page builder plugin, it also allows you to easily create coming soon maintenance mode pages. As one of your landing pages, you may offer your visitors coming soon pages. While the administrators may get on with their duties.


Not only that, but it also provides you with 10+ maintenance mode templates. You only need to choose one of the templates and alter and tweak the things inside it. It’s also a drag-and-drop page builder, so you can quickly add items to maintenance or coming soon sites.


Furthermore, unlike other plugins, employing this plugin for the coming soon page may provide several advantages. As opposed to only coming soon, maintenance mode, landing pages, and so on, you may create a variety of pages.


Elementor’s main characteristics are as follows:

Add widgets such as contact forms and sharing buttons. As a result, people may subscribe to your website and share it on social media.

The most important aspect to show is a countdown timer, which provides information about the site’s availability.

Control who may access your site by assigning user roles. Such as administrator, author, contributor, and subscriber.

Include a login form as well, so that people who have access may log in to your site even if it is in the coming soon or maintenance status.

The SEO factor is unchanged. Because maintenance mode informs search engines that your site is momentarily inaccessible, it should be avoided. Coming soon pages inform search engines that the website is ready for indexing.


Although the Elementor plugin is free to use, the premium version starts at $49/year.


Get Elementor Right Now!

5. Minimal To Be Released Soon

Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins for Minimal Coming Soon

Do you want to launch your new website with coming soon pages straight away? If that’s the case, let’s get started.


The Minimal Coming Soon plugin makes it simple to create a coming soon, maintenance mode, landing, or launch page. You may include a personalised logo, countdown timer, subscription/contact form, social network icons, and many more features. You’ll also be able to preview how your coming soon page will look before activating or publishing it.


As a result, you’ll have entire control over website personalization. You may reposition each piece by dragging and dropping and adjusting each aspect. You may also add your own custom CSS and HTML to create your own design.


Coming Soon: Key Minimal Features:

Add a progress bar with a percentage of completion to your website and modify its height, colour, and size, among other things.

Non-registered users only view this page, allowing you to work on your site while visitors see the coming soon page.

On your coming soon page, collect emails using MailChimp.

Provides nearly 2 million high-quality photos.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance is provided by the plugin.


Minimal Coming Soon is a free WordPress plugin that can be downloaded from WordPress.org. However, it also has a premium version. Its premium plans are priced as follows:


$39 for the Pro Yearly Plan

$79 for the Pro Lifetime Plan

$199 for the Agency Lifetime Plan

Get Minimal is coming soon!

6. WordPress Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode is coming soon. WordPress add-ons

With over 8 million active instals, WP Maintenance Mode is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for coming soon pages. It enables you to create a coming soon or maintenance page to inform people that your website is not yet operational or is down.


The admin, on the other hand, might have entire authority over your site, including the front-end. In addition, after publishing maintenance mode, only registered users with sufficient permissions may access the front-end. Visitors may browse and subscribe to the coming soon pages as well.


You may also use a date with a countdown timer to display visitor information.


WP Maintenance Mode’s main characteristics are as follows:

Fully customisable, including the ability to alter colours, fonts, backgrounds, pictures, and so on.

Add social media icons so that visitors may check out your social accounts and learn more about your site.

Capable of excluding URLs from maintenance mode pages. This functionality is not available in every plugin.

Allows you to get email alerts when a visitor fills out a contact form on your website.

It works with any WordPress theme.


WP Maintenance Mode is a fully free plugin. You may get it from WordPress.org.


WP Maintenance Mode is now available!

7. Currently Under Construction

Coming Soon-Under Construction WordPress add-ons

As the name implies, the plugin is currently under construction. You may use this plugin to generate an under-construction page, a maintenance mode page, a coming soon page, and a landing page. It provides over 290 templates for creating pages that may be readily imported rather than constructed from scratch.


You may also change the visibility of the coming soon or under development pages. Not only that, but you can customise the finish date and time of your coming soon page. When the date and time you’ve specified expire, the coming soon page will be automatically deactivated.


Unlike other plugins, it does not include subscription forms for upcoming or under development pages.


Under Construction’s main characteristics are as follows:

Using custom CSS, you may modify any aspect of the website to suit your requirements.

Allows you to include social icons and links on your sites.

Display a login button so that registered users may access the site.

Compatible with a variety of cache plugins, including W3 Total Cache, WPSuper Cache, and others.

Plugins that are fully multilingual and translation-ready. More than 100 languages can be instantaneously translated.


The Under Construction plugin is available for free on WordPress.org. It does, however, offer a premium version, which starts at $25 per year. You may also look at its lifetime plan based on your requirements.


Get Under Construction Right Away!

8. Under Construction & Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon Dazzler’s

Coming Soon, Still in Construction & Maintenance Mode Dazzler’s

Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by Dazzler is another another fantastic plugin for coming soon sites. This plugin is ideal for creating and managing a coming soon, under construction, or maintenance mode website.


It has 8+ design templates that may be completely customised. You may change the colour, fonts, size, height, and width of each element. Aside from that, it offers a live preview feature for quick modification. Furthermore, you may deactivate any portion of the website that you do not need.


In its commercial edition, this plugin includes useful features such as a countdown timer and so on. Some plugins have these functionalities even in the free version.


Coming Soon, Under Construction, and Maintenance Mode by Dazzler:

Make your social accounts unique and add them to your page.

Background pictures, slideshows, and YouTube videos are all supported.

Add a contact form and change the form’s labels to meet your needs.

A completely responsive plugin that works on all mobile devices.

To reach a larger audience, use a translation-ready plugin.


Coming Soon, Still in Construction & Maintenance Mode By Dazzler is available in both free and paid editions. WordPress.org has a free version available for download.


The Premium Personal Plan costs $19, while the Premium Business Plan costs $57.


Get Dazzler’s Coming Soon, Under Construction, and Maintenance Modes right now!

Colorlib’s Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Colorlib’s Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Colorlib’s Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is yet another free and powerful plugin. It allows you to create one-of-a-kind coming soon and maintenance pages. There’s no premium version of this, so you won’t be bothered by ads, upsells, or limited functionality, unlike other plugins.


This incredible plugin offers 15 pre-built layouts for coming soon and a maintenance mode page. Each template is entirely customizable and pre-designed to look professional and modern. You can tweak elements like logo image, background image, footer text, etc. Hence, with control over pages, you can change their layout straight from the WordPress customizer.


Key Features of Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Colorlib:

Easily add timer countdown in your coming soon or maintenance page.

Set a timer for your under-construction page and enable or disable the Colorlib Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugins.

Customize the subscription form and turn it on or off. Also, allows you to include your sign-up form.

Offers social media integration, allowing you to add social media buttons.

Gives you a custom CSS area to add custom styling.


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Colorlib is completely free to use and download from WordPress.org.

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