10 Best Weebly Alternatives 2022 compared

Let’s get this out of the way first: Weebly used to be one of our favourite websites. They consistently occupied either the one or second position in our ranking of the top website builders, and 40 million users is an impressive number. The acquisition of the firm by Square brought about all of these changes. Since then, there haven’t been many noticeable advancements made to the platform.

As a result, there are compelling arguments in favour of avoiding them. Perhaps you’d want to have greater leeway in the design. Perhaps you need a website that supports many languages. Or, it’s possible that you’re just curious in Weebly’s chief rival, Wix, along with other more modern and visually appealing website builders like Squarespace and Shopify.

Weebly Pros & Cons

Weebly is fantastic, but it does have a few drawbacks, as we pointed out in our review of the platform. The primary benefits and drawbacks are listed below.


It is very simple to operate.

Each of the themes has a responsive layout.

You can make the site better by using their Application Center.

The site is administrable by a number of people.

You have the option of making the website include only content accessible to subscribers.


Designs are a little bit more stiff than those of some of the company’s rivals (for example, Wix), and they are beginning to appear antiquated.

In order to construct websites that support many languages, you will require a workaround.

They very sometimes offer brand new capabilities.

Therefore, what are some viable options to consider? Find out more about it down below.

The 10 Best Weebly Alternatives

These website builders are your best bet if you are looking for an alternative to Weebly:

  • Wix
  • Webnode
  • Squarespace
  • Jimdo
  • Duda
  • Strikingly
  • Gator
  • One.com
  • Shopify
  • Webstarts

Weebly Alternatives (for regular sites)

You may find the following businesses interesting if you are seeking for a website builder to develop a website with regular content (text, photographs, videos, blog posts, and so on):


Although their enormous advertising initiatives have helped Wix become more well-known than Weebly, we continue to be strong admirers of the Weebly platform. You’ll discover that these templates are some of the finest available, and the astounding degree of design versatility is a close second. It comes as no surprise to us that this Tel Aviv-based service has been used to construct more than 150 million websites, and we anticipate that many more customers will flock to their website builder in the years to come as well.


Free: ₹0 a month
Connect Domain: ₹80 a month (not available in all countries)
Combo: ₹125 a month
Unlimited: ₹185 a month
Business Basic: $23 a month
VIP: ₹325 a month


Excellent templates; they are almost certainly among the very finest in the business.

Complete mobility: they call it “pixel perfect,” and what it implies is the ability to move elements anywhere you want them to be on the page.

Carousels, fades, and other types of motion will make your website seem more interesting if you include them.

Excellent App Market: It’s almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for there, since there are hundreds of third-party plugins available to make your website better.

Wix ADI allows for a more expedient beginning; after answering a few questions, it creates a simple website that is specific to your needs. It is effective in a shockingly good way.


Wix’s beginning plan is not the least expensive one available; however, you do get what you pay for, so don’t expect it to be.

Choose your template with care: after you have published your site, you will be able to reposition items on it, but you will no longer be able to pick a different design.

Why Wix can be a good alternative to Weebly:

Wix is almost incomparable to its competitors when it comes to the amount of customization its templates provide.

The Wix Apps are equipped with a plethora of specialised add-ons that are designed for certain businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, booking services, and events.

Do you want your website to be created even more quickly? Wix’s artificial intelligence technology is called ADI, and it allows you to create a personalised website in only a few clicks.

If you often make changes and updates to your website, the automated site backup might provide you with some much-needed piece of mind.


Due to the fact that Webnode is not exactly a household brand, some people are shocked when they learn that it has 30 million registered users. However, it is evident that their strategy of concentrating on numerous languages is profitable for them, since they allow you to construct your website in more than 20 different languages and even provide multilingual websites (with their advanced plans). Let’s find out whether it’s a significant enough selling feature to compete with Weebly.


Free: $0 a month
Limited: $3.90 a month
Mini: $7.50 a month
Standard: $12.90 a month
Profi: $22.90 a month


Ideal for websites that support several languages

Templates that are not awful and responsive

Entry-level plans that are reasonably priced and feature email addresses


Functionality essential to the operation of a blog.

It is more difficult to use than Weebly.

Why Webnode can be a good Weebly alternative:

Weebly currently does not come equipped with a function that allows users to create websites that support several languages.

When using Weebly, you will be required to pay an additional fee if you want a professional email address associated with your domain name. It is included with Webnode’s Mini plan and all plans higher than that.


In recent years, Squarespace has been one of the few website builders that has been as aggressive as they can be with their marketing. Because of this, presumably a large number of individuals now consider it to be one of the “must try” options when developing their first website. What is their primary concern? themes that are fashionable and should speak to current and trendy companies, startups, and small ecommerce businesses. But what about the meat of the argument? Let’s continue reading down below.


Personal: $16 a month
Business: $23 a month
Online Store (Basic): $27 a month
Online Store (Advanced): a $49


Stunning examples and designs to use as a template

E-commerce capabilities; for instance, we enjoy how the customers may log in to their accounts.

Outstanding functionality for the blog; you have all you need to publish often.


Expensive It would seem that fashion comes at a cost.

Not even a free plan.

Relies heavily on the use of large, professional photographs; if your own images aren’t as chic, your website will quickly seem to be of poor quality.

Why Squarespace can be a good Weebly alternative:

If you find yourself drawn to the modern feel of Squarespace’s style, the templates are likely to sway your decision.

The blog function is quite user-friendly, although it is not necessarily more powerful than the one offered by Weebly (in terms of SEO and features).


Every time we bring up Jimdo, we have to reaffirm a remarkable fact: it is, without a doubt, the most user-friendly website builder that we have experimented with. With Jimdo’s artificial intelligence website builder, creating your website is as easy as answering a few questions. This is not to say that other website builders are too difficult. The disadvantage is that it imposes more limitations than Weebly does. In the event that this is what you’re looking for, you won’t be able to produce a design that is an identical replica of what you see.


Free: $0 a month. Ad-supported.
Jimdo Start: $9 a month. No ads, and free custom domain for the first year. Limited to 10 pages.
Jimdo Grow: $15 a month. Create up to 50 pages.
Jimdo Unlimited: $39 a month. Unlimited storage space, pages and faster support.


The ease of use is superior than that of Weebly (but not as flexible).

Jimdo websites are built for quick loading times, so visitors won’t have to wait long for their content.

Mobile editing: the website editor may also be accessed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Rigid templates might make it difficult to position items exactly where you want them to be.

There are no blogging capabilities available, therefore if you want to use Jimdo for content marketing, you should look elsewhere.

Extremely basic e-commerce platform, with insufficient features to effectively do business online.

Why Jimdo can be a good alternative to Weebly:

It’s an excellent option to Weebly for those who are just starting off.

You are looking for a website with few extra features that loads quickly.


The idea behind Duda was conceived in 2008, when the company’s founders were anticipating the rise of mobile web surfing. They planned to provide website creation capabilities in the form of drag-and-drop tools and, more crucially, responsive themes that would seem aesthetically pleasing on any screen size. That refers to the smaller displays of smartphones and tablets, although these apps may also be used on desktop computers and laptops. The question is, then, whether or whether this offer is sufficient to make it a strong rival to Weebly. Continue reading to find out more.


Free: $0 a month
Business +: $14 a month
Business + Ecommerce: $22 a month


A user-friendly and instinctive drag-and-drop editor that does a good job.

Excellent for creating websites that support several languages; very probably the finest website builder for targeting numerous markets.

Tools for marketing that are effective; their approach is one of a kind and very good. It enables you to divide people into groups so that you may enhance sales and provide more personalised offers.


Very restricted app store, with just a handful of applications to choose from.

Compared to other companies, their prices are much higher; in fact, their free offer is the only discount they provide.

Why Duda can be a good Weebly alternative:

Developing websites that support several languages? When it comes to it, Duda is among the very best.

Their individualised marketing technique is one of a kind and is incredibly effective at turning leads into customers.

To put it simply, it enables you to provide personalised offers (coupons, discounts, etc.) depending on the actions of your website’s users.

You choose to make a one-time payment for life rather than subscribe on a monthly basis.


Strikingly has only been around for a few years (it first went live in 2012), but it has been fairly successful because to its primary selling point, which is that they concentrate on single-page layouts. Basically, designs that are clean, contemporary, and minimalistic. It’s a terrific method to show information attractively on screen for folks who like to scroll rather than click, thus it’s perfect for such people. It’s not that the Weebly templates aren’t classy; rather, this may be a compelling enough argument to look into using them.


Free: $0 a month
Limited: $8 a month
Pro: $16 a month


Excellent layouts on a single page are their area of expertise.

Simple to operate

Included in the price is your very own personalised domain name (for 1 or 2 years).


It lacks certain SEO characteristics, which means that it won’t rank very well.

The free version is lacking in fundamental functionality (such as adding your own code).

Expensive – Strikingly is not the least expensive supplier available.

Why Strikingly can be a good alternative to Weebly:

Strikingly is generally a wonderful choice for you to consider if you are dead-set on using a single layout design.

The Pro plan enables you to construct an unlimited number of websites, which is a feature that is not available on Weebly’s paid tiers.


In addition to their widely used hosting services, HostGator provides a website builder that is quite cutting edge in its design. Although it is true that it still needs some changes, it is comparable to larger brands (in the business) such as Webnode, Jimdo, and even Weebly.

You will be astounded by the variety of templates that they provide; in addition to having a contemporary appearance, each one is neatly arranged according to category (e.g. yoga, small business, lawyers, etc.). In addition to this, they provide a user interface that is not only user-friendly but also intuitive and adaptable.

Their editor and backend are quite comparable to those of Wix, albeit it lacks some of the more ridiculous capabilities that Wix provides (e.g. Wix Code).


Starter: $9.22 a month
Premium: $12.29 a month
eCommerce: $19.98 a month


You shouldn’t have any trouble putting up your very own website with this user-friendly and straightforward software.

Templates and designs: You’ll have the ability to create whatever you want with over 200 templates to choose from and dozens of pre-designed sections to choose from.

Backups are performed automatically, and its version control system enables you to roll back to any earlier version of your website. When you mistakenly remove material, you will be quite thankful to having this function available to you.


Structure of headings: Regrettably, it seems as if their HTML does not support heading elements (such as h1, h2, and so on). This is awful for search engine optimization; perhaps, they will solve this issue shortly.

Storefront for simple e-commerce: If you are thinking about opening an online shop, you probably shouldn’t go with Gator as your first option. Their e-commerce functionality is not advanced enough if you are serious about doing business (e.g. no digital products).

Limited blog: In a similar vein, their blogging system lacks crucial capabilities that professional bloggers would want, such as the capability to schedule posts.

Features are lacking since the product is still in its infancy, and as a result, either none of the features exist or they are too simplistic. For instance, the choices for password security lack a great deal of adaptability.

Why GATOR can be a good alternative to Weebly:

Gator comes with dozens of themes more than what is offered by Weebly, and their method for designing websites is about as customizable as it gets.

Aside from that, Weebly is the superior option overall, particularly when it comes to blogging and online shopping.


One.com is your one-stop destination for purchasing domains, storage, and email addresses, and in addition, it provides website construction services. They take great satisfaction in being reasonably priced, which, depending on the situation, may or may not bode well for the items’ overall quality. Is it, in spite of this, a respectable alternative to Weebly after having read our comprehensive review? Let’s look into it, shall we?


Standard: $4.99 a month
Premium: $7.48 a month (includes Beginner Hosting plan + Premium Website Builder)
Webshop: $16.99 a month

One.com PROS

Relatively cheap
Templates are responsive
Good support

One.com CONS

No integrated blogging option
Basic features
Cheap plan limited to 5 pages

Why One.com can be a good alternative to Weebly:

Choose One.com as your web host if you wish to construct a simple website with less than five pages on a shoestring budget.

Their website builder allows you a lot of customization, and it even supports WordPress.


Mozello is a tiny firm based in Latvia that offers something that very few other website builders do: a fully bilingual website. And without charging an a dime! You should be aware that the quality of the product you get will not be the same as that offered by the major companies; yet, if you read our list of advantages and drawbacks below, you may find something that makes you reconsider.


Free: $0 a month
Premium: $7 a month
Premium Plus: $14 a month

Mozello PROS

Multilingual features
Offers free plan and cheap plans too.
Shopping cart option in the free plan.

Mozello CONS

Rigid editor
Lacking in features

Why Mozello can be a good alternative to Weebly:

It should come as no surprise that the availability of a bilingual website is one of the many advantages offered by Mozello.

Mozello is one of the few providers who will allow you to add an ecommerce page to your website if you use their free plan.


When a company like Webstart claims to be the #1 Rated Free Website Builder, it doesn’t exactly inspire much trust in us since we’re usually suspicious of aggressive marketing tactics like that. We have no way of knowing whether all 4 million of their customers were required to take part in a secret poll and vote for them. What we do know is that they do, in fact, have some interesting things to offer, as you will be able to see in the following paragraphs.

Webstarts PRICING

Free: $0 a month
Pro: $9.78 a month
Pro Plus: $14.32 a month
Business: $39.98 a month

Webstarts PROS

Sell up to 10 products for free
Generous free plan
Solid SEO features
Very flexible editor

Webstarts CONS

SSL encryption is sold as extra 
Dated backend
Heavy handed marketing

Why Webstarts can be a good alternative to Weebly:

Is there almost no budget? The free plan offered by Webstarts allows you to go fairly far in your work.

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